Royal Blonde: Imperial Blonde. 8.1%. 
 -Characteristics: intense pineapple, tropical fruits, lychee, and sweet bread 

 B Street Pineapple Blonde: Blonde Ale. 5.2%. 
 -Characteristics: pineapple, tropical fruit, nectarine, biscuits, and honeysuckle 

 Beer 3.0: Pilsner. 6.0%. 
-Characteristics: easy drinking, slightly bready, and refreshing

 Palomares: Friendly IPA. 7.2%. 
 -Characteristics: caramel, toffee, juicy fruit, bitter orange peel, and pine 

 Lordsburg: Double IPA 9.3%. 
 -Characteristics: dank, wet hops, grapefruit, resin, nectarine, sweet bread, and light caramel 

Daily Driver: New England Hazy IPA. 6.6%
-Characteristics: not see through, slight juice, and slight bitterness

 Checkpoint: Grapefruit IPA. 7.2% 
-Characteristics: grapefruit, bitter, and resin 

 Devil’s Doorbell: Juniper Pale Ale. 5.6% 
-Characteristics: earthy, juniper, and coriander 

 Keep ‘em Separated: Blended Barrel Aged Double IPA. 10% 
-Characteristics: a lot going on 

BE-134: Farmhouse Saison. 5.8%
-Characteristics: candy like front, slight tart at end, and refreshing

Night in Gale: Barrel Aged Porter. 9%
-Characteristics: bourbon, oak, toffee

(Area Code): Blonde Ale. 5.2%
-Characteristics: crushable, approachable, and refreshing

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